Learning web development

If you’re really wanting to learn web development, you have to put some blood, sweat and tears into it.  You have to take courses.  Learning web development is not a point and click your way through things.  To really know it well and to really be good at the craft of building web sites that reach the end goals of the client, you need to know so many things.

I’m a huge fan of Lynda.com.  I’ve been promoting it for years.  I’ve vocally wishes that that Dawson College get licenses for all employees.  It’s got training on all sorts of topics over and above web development.…

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Enabling the REST API

I’m new to REST API development in WordPress.  There, I’ve said it.

I’m not new to PHP site development though.  I’ve built simple sites, complex sites, one off scripts and so on.  I can debug with the best of them with var_dump() and die().

My learning the WordPress REST API started with a project about loyalty rewards.  Now I’m starting to see other uses where data stored in WordPress can either be pushed in or pulled out.…

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