Hey!  Doing this is a first for me.  I’ve never actually setup a website for myself to really write down ideas and stuff.

I’ve been creating and working on web sites for other people for all of my professional career, and now it’s time that I really do one for myself.   I fit into the category of people like shoemakers who has bad shoes.  I never have time for my own stuff but I always make time for others.

My plans for this site are writing about working in web programming in higher education.  I work for Dawson College, the largest pre-university / technical  CEGEP in Quebec.  We have about 10,000+ students, 600+ faculty and 400+ staff.  That’s a lot of people.  I’ve built web applications that are used by all prospective students which is another 12,000 people.  I’ve also built applications for groups as small as 5-10.    There’s a never ending stream of work and interesting problems to solve at Dawson.

I get more hands on practical experience from working with Snooker Canada and building out their web infrastructure and services.  I may be the CTO of the organization but I’m also the main person who’s working to get things done in terms of tech.  We have a mini-network that I manage on my own which I’ll go into detail later.